実用英語スクリプト IT ヘルプデスク(CSエンジニア)

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Case 1: 

Tech: Good morning this is XXX Speaking.

USER: My computer isn’t working…

Tech: Understood, what happens when you press the power button?

USER: It makes sounds like it is powering on, but nothing is on the screen.

Tech: Understood. Are there any lights on the monitor/screen?

USER:Yes, an orange light.

Tech: Understood. Please confirm that all the cables to and from the monitor are securely connected.

…A few minutes later.

USER:Thanks the computer is working again.

Tech: You’re welcome.

Problem – The cable connecting the monitor to computer was loose.

Case 2:

Tech: Good morning, what is the situation?

USER:I can’t receive e-mails on my I-phone

Tech: Can you receive e-mails on your PC/outlook


Tech: Can you access the internet on your I-phone.


Tech: Are any of your colleagues being affected by this problem?


Tech: When did this start

USER:I noticed it an hour ago

Tech: When did you last change your e-mail account password?

USER:This morning

Tech: Please reopen the mail client on your phone and enter your new e-mail password when prompted.

USER:Thanks, the e-mails are coming in now.

Tech: You`re welcome

Problem – User’s I-phone was trying to authenticate with previous password.

Case 3

Tech: Good morning, what is the current situation?

USER:My PC shows a blue screen before shutting down every few minutes.

Tech: When did this issue start?

USER:It’s been happening for 2 days, but I have been ignoring it.

Tech: Have you installed any new software recently?

USER:Yes, I upgrade my webcamera driver.

Tech: Understood, allow me to schedule a visit to see the issue first hand.


Analyzes the error code shown on the blue screen.

Tech: The error had been caused by the driver for a web camera that is not supported by your operating system. I’ve installed the compatible driver so this should not happen again.



Case 4

USER:Some of the users can receive e-mails and some cannot.

Tech: When did this start?

USER:15minutes ago

Tech: Understood, Can any of the users not receiving e-mails access the internet. Eg

USER:No they cannot

Tech: Are those users all the same part of the office?

USER:No, they are spread out.

Tech: Are they using wireless or wired connections.

USER:They are all using wireless.

Tech: Can you confirm that the access point is powered on

USER:Yes it is

Tech: Can you confirm that the cable port labeled Wan on the wireless access point is connected to the cable from the NTT device.

USER:There is one cable near the device.

Tech: Please plug that into the wireless access point.

USER:The users are back online. Thanks

Problem: Issue was not only e-mail related, but was due to wireless access point being unplugged.


Case 5

USER:I can’t connect to the internet with my tablet or PC.

Tech: When did this start?

USER:It started today.

Tech: Have there been any changes made to your IT environment?

USER:No everything is the same.

Tech: Are the other users experiencing difficulties.

USER:There are more users than usual due to a conference, but they seem fine.

Tech: Please confirm that the network cable is securely plugged in to your workstation

USER:Yes it’s fine

Tech: I will log into the server to confirm the network status.


Tech: The extra users in the office were taking up the IP address in the dhcp scope. I`ve created an additional scope on the same subnet so you should be able to connect.

USER:That works great, cheers.

Problem: The Company’s primary dhcp scope was not large enough to handle the extra users. Due to a lack of reservations for users, those who joined the network later were unable to receive an assigned IP address and so were unable to connect to the network.


Case 6

Users mistakenly deleted shared file in the shared holder.

USER:I’ve lost a very important word file!!

TECH: Does mean you can’t find it? Let’s check the recent documents in Word.

USER: An error about the file cannot be found has come up.

TECH: Do you remember moving or deleting the file.

USER: I may have deleted, but it`s not in the recycle bin.

TECH: Was this file located on the shared drive or your personal drive?

User: The Company file share.

TECH: Please give me the file name and the date it was modified last

User:My Lost File.doc”

TECH: I’ve restored the file from the shared folder back up.

User:That’s great.

Problem: Files and folders deleted from shared drives do not go to a recycle bin. In order to restore them restoring a backup or a previous version of the folder are the most common solutions.


Case 7

Users cannot receive email and they might need to reload PST or OST file.

User:My outlook mailbox causes outlook to freeze.

TECH: When did this start?

User: A year ago, but it has been getting worse over time.

TECH: I’ll open up a remote session to check your settings.

It looks like your profile is corrupt – the repair I tried failed, so I’ve remade you’re profile and it seems to be working.

User:I have another issue – some of my e-mails are not visible on my phone and laptop but I can see them on this computer.

TECH: Are you using any archiving or auto mailbox cleanup?

User: Yes, I was running out of hard disk space so one of my colleagues set it up for me to save to a USB drive.

TECH: The archived e-mails are stored as a file in the drive so you can only access them when you have the drive.

USER: I need to access the e-mails.

TECH: I’ll restore the archive back to the mail server and will set your devices to only download the headers instead of the full items and keep a maximum of 1 month of e-mails on the device. However, this will you need internet access to view older e-mails.

USER: That’s perfect

Problem: Archived e-mails are removed from the server and stored in a designated location. This means other devices lose access to those e-mails. Restoring them to the server fixed this issue. Lowering the amount e-mails stored on the device also helps to free up space taken by a large OST


Case 8

Users cannot access to Internet via VPN from outside of the office.

USER: I cannot connect to my office computer across the VPN

TECH: Understood. What happens when you type in your credentials and password?

USER: It accepts and shows the connected sign.

TECH: Can you access the shared drives?

USER: Yes. However, I can’t access the office PC

TECH: Let me confirm that the PC is powered on

Your PC was powered on, but its IP address had changed. I’ve changed the PC from DHCP to static so this should resolve your issue.

USER: Thanks!

Problem: The users IP address has changed, so the RDP link was no longer pointing to the correct machine. This was confirmed by opening DNS settings and checking the host records. The user was then given a static IP to ensure this does not happen again.

Case 9

The screen of the user’s PC become blue back. (I’ve given you one of these so I have added one where the User’s PC won’t boot)

USER: My computer won’t boot.

TECH: When did this start?

USER: This morning

TECH: Are any other users being impacted.

USER: Just me.

TECH:  I’ve checked on your update server and there have been no new updates over the last week. Have you added any new devices to the system? Web cameras/headsets etc.

USER: No I haven’t.

TECH:  Please follow my instructions to lower removable devices boot priority in the bios

USER: Thanks the PC was able to boot up.

TECH: Let me open a remote session. It looks like you have some additional devices in your USB ports.

USER: I’m charging my android watch.

TECH: Please unplug it and restart your PC.

USER: It works!!!

TECH: Please wait to power on your PC before you plug it in.

Problem: The watch was being recognized as a boot device with an operating system. However, when the Pc tried to access it would freeze due to a lack of suitable boot files. Plugging in the watch after the boot process was complete avoids this issue.


Case 10

The computer of users has been infected with a virus.

USER: My computer is displaying lots of strange pop ups. I’ve tried exiting and uninstalling the program, but once I restart my PC it comes up again. My homepage has also been changed.

TECH:  When did this start?

USER: After I installed X program.

TECH:  It sounds like some adware had been installed alongside the program. Let me start a remote session.

USER: Thanks

TECH:  I have verified that the program has been removed. However, it has left some malicious services that auto run when the system starts. I’ve done a full scan of the PC and removed the flagged objects. In future please look out for any check boxes that ask you to install necessary additional software when installing programs from the internet.


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